Musashi MR6


Musashi MR6 Dry Finish Shear

The best Dry Finish Shear money can buy!

  1. Ideal for Curly or Wavy hair
  2. Spend less time getting your perfect cut
  3. Gentle on “fragile” hair
  4. No surprises from “drying” hair
  5. The precision you desire for your style
  6. Styles 100% tailoring for your client

Summer Special Price

From $597.60 cash or
12 – $62.25 Monthly Installments

Say Yes to Professional Dry Cutting!

Achieve the professional results you deserve with the Musashi Dry Finish Shear!

Straight hair


Straight Hair

See the professional finish you can make for your client - providing them with a precision finish to your great haircuts!

Ethnic Hair


Ethnic Hair

Enjoy the benefits of dry cutting for all your ethnic clients. You can appreciate the flexibility of your new Musashi Dry Finish shear.


Curly Hair

Never worry again about how your client with curly or wavy hair is going to look when they wash and style their hair at home. Dry cutting allows you to "see" exactly what the hair is going to do after a shampoo and dry.

Musashi MR6

There Is No Limit to Glorious Results.

Learn all the advantages to cutting hair dry.  Fill in your “tools-of-the-trade”  with a professional quality Musashi Dry Finish shear.


What clients say?

For all your dry cutting needs.  The Musashi Dry Finish shears offers slide cutting, texturizing and precision finish work!

"I love this shear. It is such a great shear for finishing work on dry hair."
Theresa Neff
Toni & Guy Salon
"I like the Musashi dry finish shear because I can get a precision haircut - my haircuts are amazing when I am done."
Dorena Anderson, Owner
Diva Den Salon
"I highly recommend the Musashi dry finish shear. I can get a perfect textured, layered lob ."
Jenessa Vetter
Jenessa Vetter
Salon Owner

get Our best Summer Special today
from just $597.00 NOW.

We have the amazing Musashi Dry Finish shear available in a 5.5 inch, 6.0, and 6.5 inch length.  Supplies are limited, so act now.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own the best quality dry finish shear on the market today!