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Three Mistakes my Stylist Made

man's haircut 6 Jan

Three Mistakes my Stylist Made

I went to a franchise salon for a haircut on Wednesday this week for a simple hair cut. I asked the stylist to take off approximately one half inch of hair and to make sure I “looked good” when she was finished.

Mistake number one:

Her scissors were dull and the points were rough and too pointed. It felt like she was scratching my flesh as she cut along the end of my hair under my sideburns, around my ears and the back of my neck. I could feel the scissors pulling my hair throughout the haircut.

Mistake number two:

Repeat of mistake number one. When I asked if she had thinning scissors, which I should not have to do, I discovered her texturizing scissors were in worse condition than the styling scissors. Every cut she made pulled my hair.

Mistake number three:

When the stylist finished taking out the bulk on both sides of my head, she said, “That lays down nice now.” Your customer rarely will know that the haircut is not complete and that you need to take excess hair out so it “lays down nice.”

Any of these mistakes will cost you business. People have too many choices in today’s market place. They will not return to poor experiences. They may not know what is wrong, they just know they did not have a good experience in your chair.

Watch for the solutions in our next post!

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